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Refillable Fundraising Program

About the program

For schools, non-profits and other organizations, fundraising is a daily concern. From auctions and special events to product sales, box-top drives and on-line campaigns, millions of dollars are raised each year. And the next year, it all has to be raised again. Families, supporters and community members are willing to help. 77 percent of all Americans, for example, have contributed to school fundraising, raising $2.4 billion per year. But community needs, and the demands on their time and money, keep growing. And too often, donors get nothing in return for their investment but good feelings, or items they really don’t need. Cups Help is different. An ongoing, full-time fundraising program, it lets supporters make a difference every time they make a purchase. They feel good buying something they already buy every day. And the financial benefits to their favorite organization add up quickly.

How the program works!

That refillable cup in your hand can be a powerful tool for good. When organizations and retailers come together, cups can help raise needed funds while building repeat sales and loyalty. Members and customers simply purchase a high-quality cup supporting their favorite cause. Every time they refill their hot or cold drink at a participating store, money goes to help make our communities better. Everyone wins, because Cups Help.

How can cups help you?

If you’re looking to raise funds for a school, non-profit, or other organization – or if you’re a retailer looking to show your support for the community while building sales at no risk or investment to you – call us today. We’ll be glad to explain how Cups Help can help you and get your organization started enjoying the benefits of the program.

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